LETTER: Stripping away our city

Sylvia Williams, Destin

Bad news travels fast as does a bad reputation. Negative comments of Destin’s decline and demise are a reality that the city of Destin should not ignore.

Shop owners and tourists in WaterColor spoke openly to Destin’s diminished reputation in recent years, with references to helicopter traffic noise and a possible strip club. If Destin allows one SOB (sexually oriented business) will there be two, three or four? Businesses such as these strip away at a city’s character.

In all likelihood, the city of Destin will improve the aesthetics of Main Street at some point. Obviously, these repairs would be a waste of funds if the strip club is constructed. Recognition of Destin’s deterioration is apparent among residents and tourists but the lawsuit continues for the strip club.

Freedom of “erotic speech” is fabricated wording used to claim the speech of the club owners and strippers are being suppressed. The term is truly laughable, but possibly comedian Robin Williams says it best in “Pimps, Whores and Thieves.” Let the stripping (away) begin!