LETTER: And the truth can change a nation

Rita Wilson, Miramar Beach

The media would have you believe that the frightening assault on our freedoms that is occurring today is for the good of all and there is nothing you can do to change it — it is just our new future. While we are sending our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers to fight, and many times die for the freedom of those in other nations, we are seeing our God-given freedoms slipping away rapidly while we do nothing. 

We are leaving our children and grandchildren a sick and dying nation and are told we can do nothing about it. When schools tell our girls they cannot wear crosses, that no one may carry a Bible in the school and they cannot have Bible studies at school, we just roll over and say, "Oh well, that's just how it is today." No it is not! 

I have just learned that the ACLJ (aclj.org) and other legal organizations that work with David Barton will fight the battle when any parent calls and reports the injustice being done. And furthermore it is free.

The most important thing kept from our understanding is that they win 99 percent of the cases, usually with an 8 to 0 vote by the Supreme Court for the right of the kids to wear crosses, carry Bibles and hold Bible studies in their school. In fact, when the school principals are told that they will be personally sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars if brought before these organizations again, they do a complete turnaround and invite the kids to have Bible studies.

We need to call these organizations every time our freedoms are infringed upon. Does no one feel that common sense has left this nation when our children can study Islam and any other religion, whose followers may worship and speak about their religion and keep their religious holidays, but we must duck and hide if we desire to do any of the above. Our religious holidays have been watered down so much that they are almost unrecognizable. Where is our common sense, or should I ask, where is our faithfulness to the God that gave us this nation by the bloodshed of our forefathers, whose memory is a distant shadow as our history is being rewritten by those with an agenda?  

I'm not suggesting that I have the answers, and I am only one person.  And I am also not suggesting war within our nation — only that it took a few good people with good intentions to change things in our nation when it began. It took people with passion whose concerns went far beyond themselves. 

We need to call these organizations and our representatives and senators when we find an injustice in our schools. Calling not once but regularly and letting them know we are not sleeping brainless citizens, but perhaps we are again the “sleeping giant” that this nation was once known to be. 

Anyone wanting to know about our real history and the organization ready to give us back our strength, pull up http://www.wallbuilders.com/ and have your mind blown and the real truth from records written when our nation was first born. Texas is using those textbooks and I pray that other states will soon follow.

What does that other GREAT BOOK say? “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”