LETTER: The World’s Luckiest Phishing Village

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

In this time of gifting, I wish to share a true passion.

I love jam band music, improvisation 101. On top of the jam band pyramid is Phish. No other band is so creative — being musical geniuses in the playing of a live set of music. Most bands will start one song, play it completely and then another. Not Phish; I've heard them play one song, merge into a second, merge into a third and then come back into the first song. Or they will jump from the middle of one song into another song and a third, jumping back and forth, playing three songs simultaneously; playing non-stop extended jams for an hour or more.

Also no other band can build musical layers like Phish with mesmerizing guitar licks, pulsating percussion or melodic keyboard. You become the notes, the vibrational wave-energy of sound. Phish will lead you to places you never experienced before. All five senses merge; you hear, taste, touch, smell and see sounds. A total body and mind explosion awaits and that's just the first set.   

For those of you who know, I hope this brings about a smile. For those of you who are "Phish virgins," I am envious, to be able to go back and hear Phish for the first time and realize how wonderful a gift I now possess.

Luke Fressell