Letter: Remembering the kindness, and those who passed on

Joe Hunt and Tom, Bill, Bob and Rich, San Diego, Calif.

Happy holidays all. This is a hard time of year for the Hunt clan as we lost both of our parents in December. 

Although it is certainly a wonderful time to remember them and your departed ones as well — in our case it's our Dad, Joe Hunt, former Okaloosa County Veteran Service Officer from 1980-2001, who passed back in 2002 and our Mom, Winnie Hunt, owner/operator of Busi-Bee Cleaning Service, an area favorite from 1979-2009. 

Beyond their passings, I wanted to laud Charles Morgan of Harbor Docks both for his continued support of those that were in need during the holiday season as evidenced by the recent Thanksgiving feast, but also for the similar amazing generous contribution that Charles and Harbor Docks made to my Dad's funeral dinner on that Dec. 10 eve back in 2002. 

What made it so amazing to all of us was that a group of 25 folks came in the door impromptu and were resigned to wait.  Upon learning it was a post-funeral dinner clan, Charles Morgan who was there that night, immediately cleared the upper tier of the back room and accommodated all of us to the letter — down to amazing attentive wait service and amazing hors douvres on the house. 

It was first class all the way and at a time of collective personal sadness, Charles and Harbor Docks were beacons of the holiday spirit and light to all of us — a light that still continues to this day and that I take continued pleasure in reading about the gifts he continues to unselfishly bestow upon the Destin community. 

We've never forgotten your gesture Charles.  And we never will.  Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous 2014 to you and yours.

Joe Hunt and Tom, Bill, Bob and Rich

San Diego, Calif.