LETTER: Mary Ready’s touching tribute

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Having written in past years for The Log and its Internet counterpart, I am reminded of its personal involvement with the heart of this little fishing village. The column written by Mary Ready in remembrance of Miss June was a very meaningful example of that personal involvement.

In 1958, when Mr. and Mrs. Hinds arrived in Destin, I was just a kid who visited a couple of weekends a month to visit my great aunt and uncle who lived at the end of Calhoun. It was around that time I met a little red headed girl by the name of Carla Jean for the first time. As time progressed over the years, I would visit Destin to see family and friends. When my parents finally retired here, my family and I visited the area more frequently. Finally, my wife and I returned here in 1999 to retire as well.  

It wasn’t too long before my wife and I began to see Dr. Hinds as our allergist. It was then that we had the opportunity to renew memories with her and her mom. Miss June was always there with a smile and kind words. The emptiness that might be felt with Miss June having returned Home, is simply evidence of what loving kindness she had brought into so many lives.

Again, let me say that Ms. Ready has shared who Miss June was to her family, friends and very especially to the world’s greatest little fishing village. Destin and those of us who had personal memories of Miss June are all better for having known and loved her. Thanks again Ms. Ready for your very spiritually moving and well-written remembrance of our friend and loved one, Mrs. June Elizabeth Duke Hinds.    

Edd Hogeboom