LETTER: The case for Hines on the city council

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
Larry Hines is a huge proponent of beach restoration and fought hard to see the critically eroded beaches of Holiday Isle repaired.

The city of Destin is fortunate to have very good city councilors who have the city’s best interest at heart as a general rule.

One former Destin City councilman stands out in my mind and should be re-elected. He is Larry Hines.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area in a city that is blessed with two main attractions that bring the tourists here year after year — the beautiful beaches, our lifeblood, and our exceptional fishing with the unique harbor and East Pass.

We have numerous councilmen who make sure that the interests of our fishing industry are well represented and protected. However, from my observation since 1997, we only have one real advocate for maintaining our quality beaches and that is Larry Hines.

Hines has demonstrated his dedication to our beaches by forming groups of concerned citizens and property owners to initiate efforts to make beach renournishment a reality. Hines took on this issue and brought together the various affected individuals and properties that made beach renourishment happen. He organized the people to meet on a regular basis and formulated plans that resulted in a major beach renourishment. This effort took upwards of seven years to happen.

When the citizens of Destin and councilmen were polled and asked “what are the most important priorities of our city,” maintaining our beautiful beaches was not their top priority and was way down the list. Yet it represents a predominant reason families come to this area. Even if fishing is the initial draw, the beach is a major reason the families also come.

Our beaches were severely eroded after 2005 with the unprecedented series of hurricanes, and Larry Hines took on this difficult long-term project. The loss of beach was so bad, you could’ve docked a very large boat at the base of Jetty East condominiums. The houses near the jetties were often literally in the water and it stayed that way for years. Even if you weren’t directly affected or even used the beaches, it was a glaring statement of our lack of civic pride and an eyesore. It was seen by every fishing and pleasure boat leaving and returning to the East Pass. It was an embarrassing statement that the city did not take care of one of its primary assets.

I encourage all voters to seriously consider voting for Larry Hines for city councilman. He has repeatedly demonstrated his selfless efforts and energy in protecting one of the best parts of the city of Destin.

J J Chambers