LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Two candidates stood out

Mary Sellers

Are we watching the same election? I don’t like to get involved but something has to be said. I am following the City Council election with great interest but have to wonder if people are blind, scared to voice the truth, or perhaps just trying to be unbiased.

At the Feb. 11 forum it was obvious to everyone in attendance that two people stood out — Prebble Ramswell and Jim Foreman. Foreman knows his stuff as a sitting councilman, but Ramswell showed everyone up with her knowledge, presentation and poise.

Secondly, has it escaped the public that Larry Hines not only quit his council position last time, he can’t even be bothered to be here for this election and is out of town for a month. I don’t care if it was preplanned. Run in two years.

I hope folks see beyond what’s in print and make the right choice. Ramswell and Foreman are the only two deserving a seat.

Mary Sellers