Letter: It’s not the bags fault

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

That darn plastic bag. It’s in trouble again. Apparently, it has jumped out of someone’s hand or escaped from the car and yelled, “I’m out of here and I am going to litter the beach, the park or the highway.”

Well, we shouldn’t blame the plastic bag, just because a person didn’t dispose of it properly.

Instead of blaming the bag, let’s remind our friends, family and neighbors to recycle their plastic bags. Not sure where to take your plastic bags? No problem. Many retailers will take them back. For example, your local Publix has a convenient receptacle right at the entrance so you can drop them off. Plastic bags are then recycled and made into items like shopping baskets or planters.

To find other locations go to www.abagslife.com and then click on the “Find the Location” icon. You will find several other retailers who will be happy to take the plastic bags back and recycle them.

Make sure you recycle the plastic bags at your businesses too.

So let’s stop blaming the plastic bag for littering. Instead let’s give that plastic bag a new life.

Keyna Cory is the Executive Director of the Florida Recycling Partnership (FRP), a coalition of businesses and associations dedicated to improving Florida’s recycling rates. FRP members are proactively implementing initiatives in their organizations and companies to reduce the waste they produce, and increase recycled materials. Additionally FRP members are working to create greater recycling opportunities for consumers. The mission of FRP is to educate policymakers at both the state and local level as well as the general public on the benefits of recycling.

Keyna Cory