LETTER: Let’s be ‘good parents’ of Destin

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Embracing tourists are a bit like having children. We love them; all the vitality, excitement and life that they bring to a place. 

However, like children, they tend to be somewhat reckless and forever messy. Therefore we the “parents,” aka those who call Destin our forever home, have a responsibility when it comes to the tourists who flock to our beautiful white beaches. 

We know that if we don’t fix our fences, our dunes will get trampled. We know to educate about using a red light for the turtles sake, and to fill in deep castle motes at the end of the day. We pick up the mess that is left behind, from red solo cups to wayward plastic toys. One of the things I love about Destin is the enthusiasm we do this with. We are good parents.

Well fellow parents, I hate to say this, but we are slipping. Our beaches this year are gross. I’m sorry to be blunt but it is true. 

I can’t walk but a few steps before I feel the need to pick up yet another plastic straw or cup or bottle cap. Last weekend I was entertaining friends and was mortified to see a maxi pad floating in the surf — seriously. 

The word on the beach is that a contract was bought out and now those wonderful zamboni’s of the beaches which used to sweep daily come but maybe once a week. That is not enough!  

We need to be responsible parents of our own backyard and keep it clean.  So bring back the zamboni’s, please.  These sugar white sparkling beaches are our pride and our life blood. Do not let a budget cut today ruin our future tomorrows. We are better than that.

Rebecca Stanley, MD