LETTER: Don Amunds a ‘man of integrity’

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

As this election draws to a close I wanted to pass along my thoughts.  First of all, this campaign has been hard on our family. It is difficult when your husband, father, uncle, brother or son is being unfairly attacked in the ways Don Amunds has been attacked. As a family we are leaning on each other and know that God has a plan for our lives. 

Second are the issues of this campaign. Don has never raised taxes and he vows that he never will. He is extremely conservative and even voted against the new courthouse in Fort Walton and has insisted on cost-cutting measures in the renovation of the Crestview Courthouse. Don feels there are ways to address storm water and infrastructure issues without raising your property taxes and having good jobs in Okaloosa County is especially important since we have young adult sons that we hope settle down here.

The final thing I want to address is Don’s integrity. According to the dictionary, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity is also defined as wholeness or sameness all the way through. With Don, I can say without reservation that he is a man of integrity all the way through. Don has no hidden agendas. He has only one agenda. That agenda is to keep Okaloosa County financially healthy while providing for everyone’s needs. Vote for Don Amunds and you will be making a good decision for Okaloosa County!

Joanna Amunds

Mary Esther

Stop the smear campaign

Please, we have endured two postcard mail outs, robo calls, letters and TV commercials all funded by Tallahassee and South Beach money to defeat Don Amunds. I think the citizens of Okaloosa County should elect our representatives, not outside interests.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent in this unethical, full of half truths and misstatements campaign.  Just think how this money could help our local charities such as Horizons, Children in Crisis and Shelter House.

I will say I am impressed with how Don Amunds has handled this smear campaign. He has kept his head high, been positive and addressed the issues. No negative comments.

Candidate Goodwin, supposed benefactor of the smear campaign, has remained silent. Even when the local leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties held a press conference and jointly agreed this was not the way we should campaign, candidate Goodwin remained silent. The other candidates attended the press conference but candidate Goodwin did not attend. That says a lot right there.

This is Okaloosa County, not Chicago and I will be voting for Don Amunds. I can also tell you, many of my friends that were undecided prior to the smear campaign have now decided to also vote for Don Amunds.    

Vote for a positive voice and someone you can trust, not someone controlled by Tallahassee. Vote for Don Amunds.

Kay Hines


Stop the negative attacks

We think most voters are tired of all the negative attack ads and information being circulated about candidates.  Voters are starting to question if any of the nasty claims are even true and what is really behind the attacks. What do those people have to gain? Makes you wonder?

We know that Don Amunds is above all that and is a man you can trust. He is prior military, has served this community many years, is a God-fearing man who believes in helping people, has plenty of good ole common sense and will represent you on the County Commission with integrity and honor.

Sheila & Ron Johnston


Common Sense

I have witnessed Don Amunds in action in the past and been extremely pleased with his positions while serving on the County Commission. He has always been a representative of the people, fighting higher taxes.  Additionally, he uses good common sense, an uncommon virtue, when it comes to the Inlet Management Plan. Thinking logically, he advocates placing dredged sand where it is needed, east side or west side, doesn’t matter, put it where it is needed. Most importantly he votes with what is right, not on the side of campaign donors, again an uncommon virtue!  Research the candidates and I am sure, beyond a reasonable doubt, you will agree.

Scott Roberts