LETTER: Keep Destin clean

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

As a returning (since February) lover of Destin and one who has been visiting annually since 1972, I was surprised to see in our August return how disrespected that  many tourist are of this beautiful location — noted so many areas where the beaches and streets were littered with trash or ruts or holes.

How can these people not know that this is disrespectful and offensive to lovers of Destin? It is not possible to mow rights of way or medians or curbed islands when they are littered without producing more litter and then much harder to collect; sad to see tourist throwing litter out of their vehicles while waiting for a signal light to change to green.

This community has a small year round population and they all try hard to keep it desirable for your visits, so do your part and respect the area and leave it the same or better than you found it when you were here. Compliments to the city, county, state and local citizens for their efforts to keep the community desirable, especially when it is visited so heavily for so many month each year.

Buck Hartley

Tifton, Georgia