Letter: Destin Kindness

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Dear Destin,

I was in your city before Christmas and had the pleasure of enjoying your Christmas parade. Being older and by myself, I stood behind the kids and young parents and watched from the sidewalk.

About halfway through the parade, a young woman walked through the crowd and handed me a plastic cup that advertised her company. It was nice of her to go out of her way and I thanked her saying, “Oh, how nice. I was feeling a little badly because I wasn’t able to get any of the free candy being thrown to the kids.” (It is just not socially acceptable for adult men to scramble and compete for candy among the children … I know that.)

Within five or 10 second seconds, a sweet little seven-year-old girl who had been watching the parade with her big sister turned around, stepped toward me and handed me two pieces of her own candy without saying a word. My heart just melted. Obviously, she had heard me and without any encouragement from anyone, took it upon herself to be kind to the old man.

From then on, every time she got some candy, she brought me one. I left that day with my plastic cup full of candy and my heart full of love for this little girl.

Oh, Destin, you don’t have to worry about the future … not when you have kids like that in your community.

Touched by Sweetness