LETTER: Strong military, weak will

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

We have the strongest military in the world, yet we have a weak president who refuses to face reality and identify the enemy. He is too weak to use our military to confront the radical Islamist terrorists, which include, but not limited to, the ISIS, al Qaeda, Boco Haram and others.

If President Teddy Roosevelt or President Truman were in office now, they would have taken military action when our first person was beheaded. The present period reminds me of what I saw during the mid-1935.

Hitler and his Nazi Party were flexing their muscle in Europe and began arresting innocent minorities, confiscating private property without cause to. No one took any action against them, thinking that it was not much of a problem and would go away. History tells us different. The problem got bigger and bigger until it broke out into WWII.

Our president has responded to the beheading and other atrocities that they would not be tolerated. Very strong words indeed. Does anyone think that he will take any further actions? I don’t believe so.

The United States must take a leadership role, like it used to, and convince our western friends to form a coalition, take up arms and attack and destroy all elements of these barbaric terrorist groups.

If military action is not taken up soon against all of these terrorist groups, even late we will win the battle, but the price will be much higher.

LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo