LETTER: Lombardo Poem

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Wake Up America

By LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo

Wake up America

Before it’s too late,

Because ISIS is advancing

And we have so much at stake.

Our leader’s token effort

Is just not enough,

’Cause ISIS is remaining

Strong, mean and tough.

The atrocities they’re

Committing have no bounds;

Killing children and Christians

And many others around.

The UN and some nations

Are not hearing the sound,

‘Cause with all the ongoing battles

They are nowhere to be found.

So it’s up to America

With its belief in peaceful lives

To exterminate ISIS

If we want to survive.

So wake up America

Before it’s too late

‘Cause ISIS is evil

And our security is at stake.

LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo of Destin submitted this poem to a National Poetry Contest at Eber & Wein Publishing. His poem was one of the ones selected to be in their book, “Who’s Who in American Poetry.”