LETTER: Say no to open containers near Destin Middle School

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The subject of open containers being allowed on a walkway between the new LULU’s restaurant at the marina and Destin Commons has reared it’s ugly head again. The developer of that area is re-applying for the permit to allow open containers of alcohol on the foot path. His vision for Destin is very different from mine and should be looked at very carefully. 

This path runs well within the buffer of Destin Middle School where the law says no alcohol, drugs etc are  allowed, yet he continues to ask that it be allowed. As a former teacher and a grandmother with children at the middle school and a concerned citizen of Destin I urge you to drive over behind the school to see the proximity. 

Thank goodness and congratulations to the Destin council for their response to the county commissioners with a unanimous no vote. The county can still do as they please so I urge you to voice your opinion with letters or attend the county meeting which I have been told will be June 16 and once and for all vote this down.

How can you even consider a proposal that would have a "festival district surrounding the Destin Middle School bringing in crowds that will be noisy, be allowed to carry and consume alcoholic drinks? Not only that but the man has the audacity to ask that the normal setback from the school should be reduced to just 300 feet. 

We have to have a full-time deputy at the school now because of the frightening things that have gone on in other schools. How many deputies will it take if this project goes through to protect our children and grandchildren. I have a vision of a safe environment for our middle school and a place for our teacher’s to be able to teach without noise and distraction and a safe environment for the children where they will not be put in harm’s way.

Jan Zapotocky