Letter: Best and Safest Destination

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Best and Safest Destination

The Emerald Coast is fortunate

In having Destin on its land

'Cause it's the best and safest place

To play on its beautiful sand.

With our nation's increase in population

And some other beaches being insecure

More tourists will want to come to Destin

'Cause it's the safest place for sure.

Now is the time to dedicate funds

To continue keeping our beaches safe

So that we won't have a future problem

Similar to our neighbor's place.

Now is the time to get prepared

For what the future will bring

You know that additional spring breakers

Will be coming in the spring

We must have adequate security

For the additional crowds projected

For them to feel safe

Yet play hard as they expected.

If we spend our money now

To continue keeping our area safe

Families and spring breakers will know

That Destin's the safest place.

Samuel Lombardo