Letter: Why it is so hot

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

When I was born in 1938, the only pavement in Destin was U.S. 98, a very narrow strip of asphalt running right down the middle of town. Later a soft mixture of asphalt and sand was placed upon Calhoun Avenue which didn't go as far as it does now.

The only reason they made the stuff about where the ball park is now plus General Sibert had a home on the bay.

It was so soft that huge pot holes quickly developed causing some of our military personnel who fought in Burma to name it the Burma Road (we bombed craters in it) to slow down the Japanese advance.

Later there was more and more pavement added until today we have basically a stove top laying on the ground due to sidewalks, streets, driveways, building tops plus many other heat retaining and "cooking surfaces." Then when we add the removal of the trees and brush which was as thick as a carpet layer and we have this "hellish" heat. If it wasn't for AC not many would want to be here.

As a child we used to make tents of sheets on the floor and then aim large fans into them so we could sleep on pallets at night.

We Christians should thank the Lord too for He's allowing it to get so miserably hot for preaching on hell and heaven is much more effective.

A lot of folks are denying the truths revealed in the scriptures and basically calling the Lord a liar. Let's not forget He's declared the scriptures as HIS WORD and He and the Holy Scriptures are ONE.

One thing to fear and consider is that the Tribulation will be a horrible time without AC for the world will be in utter chaos. Do we want to be here then? Not me and I won't be for I'm born again a saint of the Lord due to His Amazing Grace. I've been redeemed and added to His eternal family and anyone can be too. Jesus died for everyone ... yes everyone.

Jesus is at the cross now if you are still in danger of hell's fire.

Capt. Ben Marler