LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Traffic law enforcement in Okaloosa, Walton counties

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

I have noticed a decrease in the efforts of local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of traffic laws in our two counties. Just the other day while driving home from Hurlburt Field it was like a local version of a NASCAR race on U.S. Highway 98.

Most of the offenders driving at speeds nearing 80 mph were out-of-state visitors here for vacation. They were maintaining these speeds through Fort Walton Beach until they encountered the downtown traffic lights.

Once clear of those lights, the speeds increased as they transited Okaloosa Island until they again encountered the traffic lights in Destin.

There is a lot of dangerous weaving in and out of traffic with no use of turn signals associated with this driving trend.

My question is this: have local agencies made a conscious county board-approved decision not to enforce our traffic laws? Just curious, as my family tries our best to adhere to the law.

The danger on our roadways is increasing by the day. It is beginning to remind me of driving in southeastern and western Turkey where almost anything goes.

There are two possible explanations for this current state of traffic enforcement. Either a conscious and county board deliberate decision was made to reduce enforcement or we have such a high crime rate in our two counties that law enforcement just cannot commit resources to the requirement.

Either way, I believe the local citizens deserve an explanation of the current state of affairs.

Owen Edwards

Miramar Beach