You can’t destroy history

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Controlling our history by destroying monuments and statues will only lead to more division in our country. History is a foundation of our country, and we cannot erase and should not erase what has happened over the last 240 years.

I’m ashamed of the leaders and mob mentality that thinks that by destroying or removing any thing that has to do with the Civil War and slavery is going to wipe away the slate of those young men that gave their lives and fought for what they believed to be right at the time. Robert E. Lee was one of our greatest generals and his statue should not have been destroyed. Mob mentality is detrimental to our society.

What’s next in your arsenal of destruction? Is it one our past presidents' monuments because he was a southerner, or could it be a book such as “Gone with The Wind?"

I suggest instead of trying to destroy history and promote racism you do something constructive and help your country come together. People fought and lost their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom and great country we have today.

The future generations should have the right to know the true history of our country. All lives matter!

Peggy Herbig,