LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Racism & Refugees

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Only God an end racism

Mama forbade us siblings to say “Shut Up.” An octogenarian now, I’m compelled to tell all hatred-filled, vitriolic spewers, downright anti-Trump racists to “SHUT UP!” Their accusations against him and his supporters are lies, no surprise in this lying-prone society, atmosphere!

Racism exists because men, women, boys and girls need a “heart” change, not the anatomical muscle. Only God can change a heart; he can even make a perfect “heart” (2 Chron 16:9). As long as people reject Jesus Christ and the salvation offered by his sacrifice for all (John 3:16), racism will exist!

Years ago the Pensacola News Journal printed “Racism Is Wrong In The Eyes of God,” by Billy Graham. So those who think racism can be “cured” by politicians or anyone else have another thing coming.

God yearns for all to know him, to fellowship with him. America’s mess exists because America has forgotten God, dishonored God!

Trump hasn’t had a day’s peace since election. I love the way he keeps on keeping on amidst his dreadful mistreatment, the latest blaming him for the El Paso and Dayton shootings. How asinine!

Here’s to the second coming of Jesus Christ when all wounds will be healed. Hallelujah!

Chrys Holley, Milton

Treatment of refugees is immoral

President Donald J. Trump has set in motion policies that separate little children from their parents as they flee with their parents from major problems in their own home and try to enter the United States as a refuge.

I do not believe in open borders. I do believe that refugees have rights, and should be respected and treated accordingly.

Now those separated refugee children are subjected to cruel treatment, being made to sleep on concrete with only a plastic sheet to cover them.

The news has been all over the fact that many children, as young as 3 months old, have been thus detained and have been mistreated. Even adults who have been detained are housed in cells designed for up to 40 people, but into which 70 or more have been crammed, leaving little room for sleeping. This is immoral on the face of it. An immoral wrong is not right politically.

If you don't speak up against this policy, then you are complicit with it.

James Dunn, Milton