LETTERS: East Pass & Recycling


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The Destin Log

Leave East Pass alone

I’ve just learned that the Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners recently voted to spend public money to divert all East Pass dredge sand to restore the private beaches of Holiday Isle in Destin. This, despite an earlier agreement to place the first half of the dredge sand into a natural flow toward the west, and the public beaches of Okaloosa Island.

Do I understand, public money for private beaches, to the exclusion of the public beaches?

As a non-local, what is my interest? My wife and I have called Okaloosa Island our September “home” for over twenty years, and when we leave we start counting days for our return. We love Okaloosa Island and Fort Walton Beach. We have witnessed public use of the beach. There are several well maintained access points with ample parking for the public.

You won’t find such access to Holiday Isle beaches.

In recent years, we have sensed that the residents of Okaloosa Island have been having to defend against efforts to compromise their beautiful beaches. In considering those efforts, and the proposed exclusion of sharing East Pass sand, it appears Okaloosa Island receives at best, “Foster Child” treatment from the BCC and local politicians.

Furthermore, I believe it has been only a few years ago that Holiday Isle beaches were replenished with offshore dredge sand, only to be eroded away again by the natural east to west flow. How will that process not be repeated over and over again? Money and politics can apparently trump Mother Nature in the short term, but ultimately she will prevail.

Tom Reinhart, Prattville, Alabama

"Recycling" plan makes no sense

Thank you for your recent article about the decision to send the contents of recycling containers to the landfill.

Was there any consideration given to why we should continue to segregate recyclables in those big bins if they are just going into the normal waste landfill? Why continue the special pick-up of these “recyclables?” Why not cut back to the two trash pick-ups per week and save the money … and energy?

More importantly, can’t the County set up a recycling center where people who want to recycle their plastic (milk jugs, straws, etc.), aluminum, newspaper, and glass can deliver these items? Surely there is a market for clean, non-segregated recyclables.

After all, we only have 12 years left.

James E. Schobel,Destin