LETTERS: Save your Eden

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The Destin Log
Letters to the editor

I’m from Miami. Occasionally I visit family who reside in Ft. Walton, this garden of Eden on the Emerald Coast.

On my last ride along the Gulf Coast National Seashore to Destin I was disturbed by the amount of plastic bags blowing along with the traffic. Some items were caught against the fencing so perhaps that will not wind up in the local waters and become part of the great ocean plastic pollution problem.

If I lived here full-time I would be pushing the various city councils to coordinate efforts and have a cleanup crew on the road daily. And next would be a ban on plastic bags at the check out counter.

Even Nigeria has taken this step. Why can’t the most prosperous country in the world stop its plastic pollution?

Save your Eden!

Julie Waters, Miami

Private beaches will destroy tourism

Is there any doubt that vacationers are not going to be coming back to Destin in the future?

After our not-so-bright State legislators and ex-Gov Scott passed HB-631 to start the path to destroying the Florida Tourism Industry by allowing private beaches and making it hard to use the Customary Use Laws, remember who did this.

Walton County has been by themselves trying to overturn this, with no help. Our beaches are what built this area and now HB-631 and our beaches are what is going to destroy Destin.

Since I am a full-time resident, having less traffic and waits in long lines will probably be better for me, but I can see restaurants, shopping and vacation attractions eventually closing ... which leads to less jobs.

The people that we voted to the Legislature and now Sen. Scott don’t deserve our votes.

Lastly, go look at the beach and view the insanity with ugly signs and roped-off areas. I now see that these ugly beach barricades are going up all over the state. Thank you Walton County for at least trying to end this. None of your other counties seem to be helping.

Governor DeSantis, find a way to overturn HB-631 or lose your largest Industry.

Jim Sfakianos, Destin