LETTER: A moving tribute

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The story on the Lauren Bruner, the survivor of the USS Arizona, his ashes being buried on the ship was so moving and fitting!

I was only 10 yrs old but remember December 7, 1941 very well. My late brother, Pete Smith joined the Navy after that day and after boot training, he was stationed at Kaneohe Bay, in Hawaii.

My late husband being in the Air Force, we were lucky enough to get stationed at Hickham Field, Hawaii. Needless to say we had a lot of stateside family and friends to come to visit us. One of the main attractions they wanted to visit was "Pearl Harbor Memorial" and "Punchbowl Cemetery"

(military cemetery). So I was on the Memorial many times and every time, you have these most reverent and solemn feelings when standing there looking down into the water, its very moving.

Also, I will not put up Christmas Decorations inside or out until after December 7th.

Joyce Withers, Destin