LETTER: Bike lanes lowering safety

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The Destin Log
The Destin Log

Destin is in the process of repaving Hwy. 98 from the Marler Bridge to Airport Road and restriping the lanes to add a bike lane in both the east and west directions. The problem is that the new lanes are clearly not safe for bicyclists to use.

The lanes were created by narrowing the driving lanes and motorists are struggling with the new, narrower lanes. A high percentage of the drivers in the lane adjacent to the bike lanes typically drive either on the line or with two wheels over the line and into the bike lane and this is particularly true of trucks, leaving very little room for bikes.

Another problem that was created when the road was repaved is that the road surface is now about 1 inch higher than the concrete curbing, so bicyclists have to be very careful not to get too close to the curb or they may lose control when their wheel suddenly drops off the edge of the pavement.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the bicyclists are choosing to ignore the bike lanes and continue to ride on the sidewalks as they always have. I hope that the City sees the error they have made and will remove the new bike lanes before there is a tragic accident.

Mike Maloney, Destin

One wonders just who is guilty of violating his/her oath of office.

By Pelosi's not forwarding to the Senate the House's articles of impeachment of President Trump, shouldn't that a violation of her oath?

Just suppose for argument that the House had a Republican majority and the Speaker was a Republican. Further, the House votes bipartisan articles of impeachment of a Republican president. If the Speaker failed to forward duly voted Articles of Impeachment of a president indefinitely, surely you would hear a hue and cry from Democrats?

That act of not forwarding the articles, in effect, negates that bipartisan vote of the House!

Just one person could hold up the Senate trial called for in the Constitution. Surely that is not supporting and defending the Constitution, but in fact, obstructing Congress in itself!

Otis Alexander, Shalimar