LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Save our public beaches

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The Destin Log
The Destin Log

People in our area need to pay special attention to the repeal of HB 631.

Walton County had won a court case to stop the ugly signs and ropes from impeding where people could sit on our Beautiful Beaches. Our Legislators, in all of their wisdom, decided that they should bypass the Courts and overturn the ruling to help their beach owner friends.

For you that say it doesn’t affect you ... it does. No matter how much we hate the traffic, most of our economy is based on Tourism. You and your friends come from Crestview, Milton and even subdivisions close to the Beach and cannot find a spot to sit on the Beach.

Your Legislators sided with a few beachfront houses and condo owners rather than the thousands of residents or tourisst that go to the Beach. Please pay special attention to the Repeal of this Bill.

If our Legislators, Mel Ponder and Jayer Williamson, do not vote to repeal 631, they are voting against the majority of the people in our area. We need to closely watch how they vote. Your home values and the future of Northwest Florida’s economy depends on it.

Area parents take their young children to the beach, teens and 20-somethings meet their friends at the beach, Adults take their visitors to the beach ... HR 631 takes away where you can pitch your blankets and umbrellas.

Call and write your Legislators to REPEAL HB 631. If they don’t, they don’t represent you, and there are alternatives. Beachfront owners should control to the berm, not to the water! Repeal 631!

— Jim Sfakianos, Destin (Crystal Beach)