LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More info needed on schools’ need for sales tax money

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The Destin Log
The Destin Log

I just finished reading the article, “Sales-tax campaign for schools kicks off” in the Jan. 15 issue of the Daily News. This article did little to enlighten me either way on the need/no need for the proposed tax.

The first point made was that Edwins Elementary is on its fifth or sixth air conditioning system in six years. What? Say that again. What grossly incompetent school employee would authorize that? Has he/she never heard of a warranty? Most air conditioners come with a five-year warranty. Was this really true, or was the reporter negligent in checking the facts? If it really is fact, the school employee(s) who authorized this should be fired immediately.

Just how bad are the leaky roofs? Is this common throughout the school system or just in a limited number of schools. Roofs certainly do need repair to prevent leaks. However, I seriously doubt that there are very many teachers with umbrella in hand, shielding a computer.

Patched cracks in sidewalks or drives are only a visual problem unless they have been accomplished in a manner that causes a safety problem. Many a homeowner has cracks and patches in their walks and drives. Too many generalities and not enough specifics.

I would not consider the looks of a portable school building to be a good criteria for its replacement. (I have seen prison buildings that have good looks.) What counts is whether or not the portable can safely and comfortably provide the space needed for the classroom environment.

We need a good, comprehensive article on this subject to enable the Okaloosa taxpayers to make an informed decision.

George Colton, Shalimar