LETTER: Snapper quotas unbalanced

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Once again The Destin Log chooses to highlight the amazing catch of 14,000 pounds of red snapper by commercial fishermen for Harbor Docks and the other restaurants owned by locals.

Once again I listened to my husband rant about private boat owners not able to keep a single red snapper, and when the season opens there will be none left within state waters because of the commercial fishermen (and guides who are allowed to fish them 10 days before recreational fishermen).

We understand about them making a living, but I'm sure the same argument was made when the government proclaimed that if you wanted to eat venison, you had to hunt deer yourself.

When the government allocates fish quotas their math always gives a very large piece of the catch to commercial fishermen. Recreational fishermen and private guides are left to allocate the remaining quota.

— Lori Burkart, Destin