LETTER: Disappointed in Huckabee

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The Destin Log
The Destin Log

What a disappointment that it is now reported in the Northwest Florida Daily News that Mike Huckabee has sued the state to allow him to use the beach at his house.

A man that has always claimed that he is out to help all of the people, thinks that the law and regulations do not apply to him. He has money so sue the government to get what he wants. He can’t hunker down like all of the other little people out there for a couple of months for the good of all. I’m a Republican, so I can’t be accused of being a disgruntled Democrat. I would hope that what is good for all of us during these trying Covid-19 times, should be good for Huckabee. Doesn’t seem so.

We Floridians have had to put up with one Ex-Arkansas Governor for 8 years trying to tell us what to do, now we seem to have another. At least that first Governor didn’t tell millions of people that they weren’t allowed to walk on the Florida beaches. The same beaches that are the heart of the Florida economy.

What a disappointment that the beaches that have built the Florida economy, the beaches that millions of people have walked and enjoyed for years can now be controlled by a few wealthy people that have money to file lawsuits and ill-informed legislators as friends to write laws.

Sad and disappointing!

Jim Sfakianos, Destin

I understand the desire to have every part of a hospital available to provide for coronavirus patients.

However, I question the practicality of postponing elective procedures to have that availability.

If there is no pressing requirement, elective procedures should be allowed. The loss of income to the hospital, physician, and anyone is unnecessary. The hiatus in practice is harmful to patients.

Whether it is a ball player, brick mason or surgeon, practice makes them better. When the lack of it can be avoided, it does not make sense.

Bob Stephens, Destin