Fender Collisions sink Kayaks

Tina Harbuck
Barry Buchannon of Fender Collisions tosses one in against Emerald Coast Kayaks. Fender won the game 19-18. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Brad DeGranges knocked in three runs to lead Fender Collisions in a 19-18 win over Emerald Coast Kayaks in the city of Destin’s Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

DeGranges connected for three doubles for three RBIs.

Fender took an early 10-6 lead in the first two innings. In the third, both teams brought in seven runs. In the fourth, Kayaks closed it down to a one-run game with three runs.

With time running out, each team scored two runs in the fifth with Fender holding on for the win.

Chelsea Womack hit three singles for Fender for two RBIs, and Adam Mooney doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs. Todd Womack clobbered a home run.

Matt Reich led Kayak with a home run and two singles for an RBI. Brandon Blyden hit three doubles for an RBI and Bethany Blyden hit two singles for an RBI.

My Pho King Dumplings 18, Emerald Coast Kayaks 12

After three innings of play, Dumplings led 9-6. However, by the end of five, the game was knotted at 11-11.

In the top of the sixth, Dumplings scored six runs for the lead and Kayaks answered with one.

Dumplings scored one last run in the seventh.

Steven Callahan tripled and hit two singles for four RBIs for Dumplings. Mike Ingram hit three singles for five RBIs and Megan Irby doubled and hit two singles for an RBI. Justin Coppock smacked a home run.

Matt Wright tripled and doubled for Kayaks. Katie Wright singled for an RBI and Matt Reich doubled and singled for two RBIs.

Team Boggy 20, Regatta Bay 6

Team Boggy dominated putting five run on the board in the first and then exploding for the 10-run limit in the second for a 15-2 lead.

The game was over in five.

Amber Porter belted an inside the park home run and a double for five RBIs for Boggy. Jimmy Wonsick doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs and Tate DeShong tripled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Nick Grammangi led Regatta with a home run and two doubles for three RBIs. Layne Grisof hit two doubles and Drew Geiger tripled and singled for two RBIs.

My Pho King Dumplings 7, Team Boggy 6

After three innings of scoreless ball, Boggy scored one run in the fourth and then added two more in the fifth.

Dumplings scored one in the fifth for a 3-1 game.

In the top of the sixth, Boggy scored three. Dumplings exploded for six runs in the bottom half for the win.

Justin Coppock smacked two homers for Dumplings. Shelby Fike hit two singles and Blaine Watkins doubled for an RBI.

Jimmy Wonsick ripped a home run and a double for an RBI for Boggy. Will Davis tripled and singled for two RBIs and Shannon Brinkley singled for an RBI.

Stanley Security 20, Fender Collisions 14

Stanley jumped out to a 11-7 lead in the first two innings. Both teams scored three in the third.

Stanley scored one in the fourth and five in the fifth for the win.

Anthony Bartolo hit two homers for Stanley. Jimmy Huckabee and Nelson Campball also had big hits.

Tripshock 22, Ocean’s Church 9

Mike Cecil smacked a home run for Tripshock for four RBIs. Amber DeStaven was good for three RBIs and Joey Bianco, two RBIs.

Zack Olson knocked in three runs for Ocean’s. Shank Dunne brought in two runs and Jordan Hernandez, one run.

Stanley Security 21, Ocean’s Church 7

Jimmy Huckabee lead Stanley with six RBIs. Lee Major and Anthony Bartolo each knocked in three runs.

Ty Faith led Ocean’s with five RBIs. Shawn Dunne knocked in two runs and Sara Olson, one.

Advanced Concrete 22, Regatta Bay 9

Regatta led 8-4 at the end of two innings. Advanced closed it down in the third with three runs.

In the fourth, Advanced brought in nine runs to take the lead for good.

No top batters were listed.