WALTON COUNTY SNOWBIRDS: There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer

Debra Wynn
Debra Wynn

The Walton County Snowbirds is an active group on the Emerald Coast. Check the website www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com to see just how busy we are. The list of ongoing activities, general meetings, trips, and dinners is extensive. Once you read about the goings-on, you may want to join us.

Directions on how to do that can be found on the website, too.

Along with the above information, you will find the names of the snowbird officers and board members and the names of activity leaders. None receive payment for the positions they hold.These people are all volunteers.

The season for the Walton County Snowbirds “officially” starts with the first registration opportunity. This year you may become a member on Dec. 9 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at Faith Assembly Church Hall in Miramar Beach. Although the activity calendar is finite, the work that makes for a successful year doesn’t end.

With thoughts of returning to the Gulf Coast and resuming the sharing of pastimes with likeminded part-time residents, activity leaders spend hours planning for the sessions that take place in various locations around the area.

Several of the organizers first participated as snowbirds in the activities they now run. Because they didn’t want the fun to stop, they stepped up and made sure that others could benefit from their volunteering. Some were asked to take the reins as a favor by friends who found they could no longer lead. At least one missed an activity that hadn’t been offered for a few years because of lack of leadership, so he reorganized it.

When asked, many of the leaders replied that giving back is easy to do. This is a pervasive attitude of these generous people. It is important to them to share their love of the pursuits they enjoy. They view the time spent in organizing and leading well-spent. In return, they find new friendships, deepen existing ones, and keep moving, growing, and learning with others in the group.

We Walton County Snowbirds are thankful that our fellow members offer us their time and talents. We appreciate the contributions they make to the lives we lead in this part of the world. We value the relationships, knowledge, and entertainment that happen as the result of the work of our volunteers.

We invite you to become a member of this tremendous association — and perhaps a future volunteer yourself.

Debra Wynn, whose other home is in Connecticut, is looking forward to her fifth year as a Walton County Snowbirds’ member.