SNOWBIRD SILLIES: Book ideas for Christmas

Patrick McAlpine
Patrick McAlpine

"How Not to Win A Lottery" by Lou Zurr

"Being Unemployed" by Anita Jobe

"Miracle Drug" by Penny Cillin

"Ouch!" by B. Sting

"Dull Pain" by A. King

"Honest Citizen“ by Laura Byder

"Why Cars Stop" by M. T. Tank

"Mardi Gras Time" by Lou Isana

"Very Precise" by Matt Iculus

"Nice Hotel" by Mar Ott

"Unclean" by Phil Thee

"Paper Route" by Avery Day

"It's A Fake“ by Artie Fishul

"Golfer’s Sandwich" by B. L. Tee

"Lotsa Luck" by Bess Twitches

"I'm Fine“ by Howard Yu

"I Dislike The Sun" by Gladys Knight

"Suntanned Legs" by Denise R. Brown

"Greasy Spoon" by Chris Coe

"National Songs" by Ann Them

"Not A Guitar" by Amanda Lynn

"Lewis Carroll" by Alison Wonderland

"Handel's Messiah" by Ollie Lujah

"Life Before Cars" by Orson Buggy

"Not a Happy Camper“ by Malcolm Tent

"Wouldn't You Know It" by Murphy Slaw

"Daddy Are We There Yet" by Myles Away

"How To Break In" by Jimmy D. Locke

"Empty Cookie Jar" by Arthur More

"Great Escape" by Freda Convict

"Robots" by Anne Droid

"Hertz, Doesn't It" by Lisa Carr

"Mexican Food" by Pepe Roney

Good luck finding these books in your local library as well.

Remember “Hawaii Five-0?“ Book ’em Dano

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