Lady Marlins bump Bruner in winning season

After Monday’s victory over Bruner, the last game of the season, the eighth graders were recognized and given a flower. Standing from left are Reilly Griggs, Sabrina Locht, Kara Fisher, MadisonHenry, Sabina Nielson, Mayeska Sand and Helene Masone. Handing Fisher a flower is Sam Houston.

The Destin Lady Marlins finished strong on the volleyball court Monday with a 25-14 and 25-16 win over the visiting Bruner Spartans, giving them a 7-3 mark on the season.

“Their team record is due to them,” said first-year coach Paula Farland. Last year, the Lady Marlins finished up 1-9.

Farland, who had never played volleyball or coached, said “They make me proud to be their coach.”

In Monday’s game with the Spartans, Destin started strong with Sabina Nielson on the line taking a 4-1 lead. The serve swapped hands twice before the Marlins took charge with Helene Masone stepping up and serving up five straight with a tip-in shot from Mayeska Sand.

Masone finally went long on a serve and then the scoring went back and forth with the Marlins scoring two to the Spartans one.

With the score at 16-10, the Marlins went on another scoring spree with Sabrina Locht serving up six consecutive points and a 22-10 lead. Destin picked up the last three points on miscues by Bruner.

Game two was a bit closer, at least until the end.

Destin scored first on a couple of serves from Nielson, then Bruner picked up two. The scoring seesawed backed and forth until it reached a 14-14 tie. At that point, Destin’s Masone stepped up to the service line and knocked in six straight for the biggest lead of the game, 21-14. Bruner picked up a couple of more points, before Destin’s Sand finished up with two straight shots for the win.