Trojans march on People’s First

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The Destin Log

The Trojans scored two touchdowns in the first half and then held on for a 13-12 win over People’s First in the Division I Adult Flag Football League at Morgan Sports Center.

Chris Carr and Derik Martin each scored a touchdown for the Trojans and Johnny Bailey added the point after for a 13-6 mark at the half.

Josh Chernock scored the first half TD for People’s. In the second half, Mike Vogler scored a touchdown for People’s, but they missed on the extra-point conversion.

•Hurlburt Commandos 32, Flacons 9

Commandos led 25-0 at the half.

Scoring one touchdown each for Commandos were Darius Gamble, Carry Bowman, Hugo Gomez, Maurice Hill and Michael Spencer. Marcus Walker and Phillip Armstrong each added a 1-point conversion.

Josh Whitehurst scored a touchdown for Falcons and Colby Wells added three points on a conversion.

•TBS Comics 19, Boom Squad 6

At the half, TBS held a one-point lead.

Ed Nehring scored the touchdown for TBS and Chris Larabee picked up the conversion.

John Woodard scored the lone touchdown for Boom Squad.

In the second half, TBS buried the Squad with a touchdown from Ben Tran and Ben Bondi.

•Trojans 35, Live Bait 28

Trojans were up 13-7 at the half.

Chris Carr, James Miller, Johnathan Winters, Johnny Bailey each scored touchdowns for the Trojans. Will Plett scored on a three-point play, while Derik Martin picked up a 1-point conversion as well as Bailey.

Steven Warrick was top scorer for Live Bait with two touchdowns and one 1-point conversion. Mike Howk and Brian Vauhn each scored a touchdown. Kevin Roper picked up two 1-point conversions and Darnell Sandeca, one.

•People’s First 32, Boom Squad 0

Scoring one touchdown each for People’s were Jermaine Smith, Michael Harrinton, John Dalwin, Brian Moore and Cody Shields. Josh Chernock and Mike Vogler each scored a 1-point conversion.