Comic grief: Bradshaw’s big blunder

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Matt’s Take:

Watching Terry Bradshaw on FOX NFL Sunday is like watching a train wreck or a really bad movie — you just can’t turn away.

You never know what the Super Bowl-winning quarterback is going to say, whether it’s football related or not, but Sunday’s comment was one for the ages — inside joke or not.

Insert foot into mouth moment follows.

During a highlight of Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush’s dynamic, ankle-breaking scamper into the endzone, Bradshaw pulled a “Bradshaw” (definition to follow) and spewed a ridiculous line about “… like he was chasin’ that bucket of chicken.”

Rumor has it that the comment was geared toward co-host Jimmie Johnson, but it didn’t matter once the comment was made. From now on, his blunders are going to be referred to as a “Bradshaw.” So, when your friend does something stupid, you just say, ‘oh, there goes Dave pulling a ‘Bradshaw.’ ”

Sure, the comment probably wasn’t meant to be racist, but it was a poor choice of words to use on national television. Did his statement offend someone? Probably.

Whether or not the comment was meant to be hurtful, there are plenty of folks out there who are going to call Bradshaw a racist.

As of Monday, had a poll on its website asking readers to vote “racist or innocent” in relation to the Bradshaw blunder. With more than 50,000 votes cast, 14 percent called racist, while an overwhelming 86 percent chose innocent.

To me, being racist and being an idiot are almost one in the same, so in that regard, make your own assumption and call Bradshaw what you would like.

I’ll keep my opinion to myself this time.

Andrew’s take: For the love of football, FOX, please fire Terry Bradshaw.

The “good ole’ boy” thing is played out, and this man is nothing but a liability.

I am 100 percent sure that there was not one ounce of racism that led Bradshaw to utter, “…like he was chasin’ that bucket of chicken,” as he described a Reggie Bush touchdown during a half time update. But that doesn’t make up for the impromptu freedom this ignorant man has on network television.

It was a matter of time before Bradshaw stuck his foot this far in his mouth. If you watch football on Sunday, you’ve undoubtedly heard these redneck rants. The whole thing is very uneasy. It’s like we, the audience at home, are all waiting on this guy to completely offend everyone. And this weekend, it happened.

I’m not saying that you should be offended by something that was misinterpreted as racism, but you should take issue with the careless management of live television. This guy could have said anything. We’re just lucky it wasn’t worse.

Terry Bradshaw has publicly admitted that he suffers from memory loss, as a result of his career in the NFL. If 30 years of idiotic commentary weren’t a bright enough red flag, then this admission should have made it neon.

This man is completely delusional. He openly admits that he considers himself and Joe Montana to be the two best quarterbacks of all time, and he called Terrell Suggs “an idiot” for criticizing Tim Tebow and the publicity of his faith. You know whose opinion is more legitimate than Bradshaw or Tebow? Terrell Suggs’.

Terry, no matter how many rings you won, you’re on nobody’s Top Five list. Shut up, and go away.

And, FOX, there is a simple solution. Turn the conference championship weekend in January into “Terry’s Going Away Party,” and then he can hit the road with Larry the Cable Guy.