Affordable Home Insurance collects on Builders


Beam Jarrett connected for four hits to lead Affordable Home Insurance in a 25-6 win over McLendon Builders in Division B of the Men’s Real Skills Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Jarrett clobbered a home run and three singles for five RBIs.

Affordable Home Insurance knocked in seven runs in both the first and second innings and managed to put the game away in five.

Ethan Cole slapped a home run, triple and a single for five RBIs for Affordable, and Drew Armacost tripled, doubled and hit two singles.

Adam Conant connected for a triple for three RBIs for Builders. Jason Roberts and Sam Miller each hit a single for an RBI.  

•Underground Inc. 22, Harbor Docks 2 Underground dominated stepping out to a 10-2 lead in the second inning.

Donnie Montry was tops for Underground with a double and three singles. Jamie Steiner smacked a home run, triple and a single for four RBIs, and Ricky Cornejo tripled and hit two doubles for three RBIs. Billy Roof hit a solo home run.

Brandon Patzig hit a home run for Harbor Docks for two RBIs. Chance Young connected for two singles and Matt Dahlman doubled and singled.

DIVISION A •729-HURT 11, Remax Coastal 10 729-HURT jumped out to a 5-0 lead and held on for a one run victory.

Gareth Bennett knocked in five runs on four singles for 729-HURT. Daniel Spencer doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Max Martin doubled and hit two singles.

Kyle Ely blasted two home runs and a single for six RBIs for Remax. Tommy Lee hit three singles, and Robbie Davis hit two singles. Cory Hutchins and David Sweeney both hit home runs.  

•Silver Sands 27, Remax Coastal 15 After two innings of play, Silver Sands was sitting on a 10-1 lead. At the end of four, Silver Sands had stretched its lead to 16-5.

Joe Kerns was the big stick for Silver Sands with a home run, triple, two doubles and a single for eight RBIs. Jake Muarer hit four singles, and James Heller doubled and hit three singles.

Allan Tomako doubled and hit three singles for two RBIs for Remax. Timmy Sallee connected for a home run.