Affordable Homes rises above Underground Inc.


Ken Gallander connected for three hits to lead Affordable Homes in a 17-11 win over Underground Inc. in the Real Skill Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Gallander hit a triple, double and a single for three RBIs.

At the end of three innings, Affordable was on top 6-2.

Drew Armacost hit three doubles for an RBI for Affordable, while Beau Jarrett doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Mark Zinger was tops for Underground with a homer and two singles for two RBIs. Chase Hattaway tripled and doubled for two RBIs, and Brent Hicks doubled and singled for two RBIs.

• Silver Sands Premium Outlets 30, Cheney Insurance 17

Silver Sands came out swinging to take a 17-2 lead in the first two innings.

Brian Bishop slapped a home run, two doubles and two singles for seven RBIs for Silver Sands. James Heller doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs, and Shawn Brown hit two doubles and three singles.

Johnny King homered, tripled and singled for Cheney. Tyler Bailey hit two doubles for two RBIs, and Tucker Ellis connected for three singles for an RBI.

• Horton's Landworks 25, McLendon Builders 16

Horton stepped out to a 19-6 lead in the first two innings.

Chad Horton led the Horton effort with four doubles and a single for four RBIs. J.R. Curry blasted two homers, a triple and a double for six RBIs, and Chris Lawson hit two doubles and two singles for an RBI. Jeff Milam hit a home run.

Andrew McLendon ripped four singles for three RBIs for McLendon. David Nelson hit three singles for four RBIs, and Kyle Andrews tripled and doubled for three RBIs.