gets last laugh on TBS Comics


Holding just a one-point lead at the half, Shane Dorlag scored a touchdown in the second half for a 14-6 win over TBS Comics in the Adult Flag Football League at Morgan Sports Center in Desitn.

In the first half, Greg Snyder scored a touchdown for and Grant Wright picked up the point after.

Hayden Meyer scored the lone TD for TBS

In the second half, Dorlag found the end zone for and Snyder scored the point after for the win.

• Back That Pass Up 25, Monstar 14

Back That Pass Up led by two touchdowns at the half. Chris Trafton and Chaz Panagacos each scored a TD for Back That.

In the second half, Jason Layton and Mike Brantley each scored a touchdown for Back That, while Trafton picked up the extra-point.

Danny Zappulla and A.J. Dallman both scored touchdowns for Monstar in the second half, with Brandon Burke and Jordan Smith each scored a one-point conversion.

• The Other Guys 20, Can't Score Won't Score 0

After a scoreless first half, The Other Guys put three touchdowns on the board. Aarien Mureaux, Chris Longnecker and Adam Gilbert each scored a touchdown, while Longnecker and Brad Wolford each added a one-point conversion.

• Destiny Worship Center 6, Nightown 0

Jonny Reynolds scored the lone touchdown of the game in the second half for DWC.

• Can't Score Won't Score 21, Sandestin Outlawz 20 (OT)

With the game deadlocked at 14-14, Casey Jonas scored the touchdown and Matt Olsen the point after for the Can't Score overtime victory.

Shawn Maxey scored the touchdown and Olsen the point after in the first half for Can't Score. Olsen added a touchdown in the second half and Jonas the point after.

Scoring touchdowns for Sandestin were Adam Alfonso, Cory Neal and Mike Tully. Brock Ellis scored on a two-point play.

• Hampton Imports 18, Funky Blues Shack 13

Blues Shack came out strong the first half and scored all 13 points with Tim Carroll and Colt Austin each scoring a touchdown and Travis Riggs the point after.

Cameron Harrington scored a first-half touchdown for Hampton. Jonathon Holmes Jr. and Vinny Melo each scored TDs in the second half for the win.

• 37, Emerald Coast CPA 12 led 24-6 at the half.

Grant Wright and Nukis Floyd each scored two touchdowns for, while Mitchell Landis scored a TD and a one-point conversion. Trumaine Polk scored one touchdown.

Victor Vaggalis scored a touchdown in the first half for Emerald Coast, and Blair Holland scored a TD in the second.