Par for the emotional course

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Matt's Take:

Is there anything more lackluster than a golf "feud"? That's like feuding chess players, or maybe even feuding synchronized swimmers.

I mean, come on, really? I'm not even sure if you can put the words feud and golf in the same sentence without having to search for a punch line somewhere.

Apparently Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia have been feuding for the past 14 years, and the verbal sparring reared its ugly head during the rain-delayed third round of The Players Championship.

While this feud is ridiculous, I can understand why Sergio is a bit peeved. So, basically the Spaniard was in mid-swing on the par-five second hole and Tiger, who had hit a shot into the trees, was jostling around and pulled a wood out of his bag, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The long and short of it is that Sergio bogeyed the hole.

You may say boo hoo, but Golf is a gentleman's game and it's common courtesy to be quiet while the other player prepares to play his shot. That wasn't the case and Sergio took exception.

Garcia told an NBC reporter during the rain delay, "I might have hit it (right) if nothing happens, you never know. If I hit a good shot there and make birdie it gets my day started in a bit of a different way."

Tiger is all about Tiger, so he brushed off the incident saying that he wasn't surprised that Sergio was "complaining about something."

If you spend any time reading about the man, by all accounts Tiger Woods is very arrogant and not the most friendly player on the tour. No wonder Sergio has a beef with him.

If we are lucky, this war of words will escalate into something a little less resembling a catfight. I think we should give Tiger and Sergio a pair of boxing gloves and let them duke it out. May the best man, golfer or womanizer win!

Andrew’s take:

It’s not a secret; Tiger Woods is not Mr. Congeniality on the PGA tour. But Michael Jordan wasn’t very popular with his peers.

That’s just what comes with the territory. In modern sports, when you are, so obviously, the best in the game, you’re not going to have many friends. And, you can’t really be that dominant without being a jerk.

But Sergio Garcia isn’t the best golfer in the world. Not even close. He isn’t popular because he sucks.

So last weekend, when Garcia created a beef with Woods, no one was surprised. He was just acting like a little girl again.

While paired with Tiger, in the third round of The Players’ Championship, Garcia managed to blame a terrible shot on Woods. But after sorting out the day’s events, it became clear that the disturbance was the fault of tournament officials. Yet, Sergio kept whining.

Even if you hate Tiger, you have to understand that you’re a public figure, and that your controversial words are going to be heard by many. Just bight your tongue, and be the bigger man.

By Monday, Sunday’s comments were already buried in the sports section. That’s how typical the Spaniard’s whimpering has become.

Tiger Woods is going to make front-page news just for showing up to a tournament. We all know that. But, bickering between the world’s No. 1 golfer and any of his peers is going to be a very big deal, except when the verbal opposition is coming from Garcia.

I don’t really even like Woods. And the main reason I’m not a fan, is because he complains too much. But Garcia makes Woods look like Tim Duncan.

I fell like Garcia should switch to soccer. There’s enough crying in that sport to make Sergio look like an adult male.