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Matt's Take:

How many of you, outside of Tallahassee, have heard of Jameis Winston?

Crickets. Anyone?

Well, the young man, who is fighting to become the starting quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles is trying to make a name for himself. Instead of doing so on the field, he's opened his pie hole to a reporter.

During a recent interview, the 6-foot, 4-inch Winston decided to poke a little fun a the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and college football bad boy, Johnny Manziel, saying that any success he had wouldn't change who he is.

"If I get [Johnny] 'Manziel disease,' I want every one of y'all to get your mics and just start [hitting me] on the head," he told reporters.

Hold on just a minute, Mr. Winston. You realize that you are not even the starting quarterback for your team, let alone a talent like Johnny Football.

And while Manziel may be a pompous fool and slightly pretentious, he has proven himself on the field.

I understand being confident, cocky or sometimes just plain dumb, but I'm sure Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher would rather see his freshman taking reps on the field or lifting weights in the gym — not running his mouth to reporters.

Sure, Winston may just be having fun, but until he proves he can play, I'd rather see him clap his trap. I prefer humble athletes who put their heads down and go to work, not flap their gums.

Sure, Johnny Football is not the best role model in the NCAA, but remember he is only 20 years old.

We'll see where Jameis Winston finds himself in two years time, especially if he is named FSU's starting signal caller. You say it wouldn't change you, but let's see once you are the big man on campus.

Andrew’s Take:

You know what the Florida State Seminoles need? A little positive publicity.

If you’ve paid any attention to the Criminoles in the last decade and change, you’d know that tickets at Doak Campbell Stadium aren’t exactly hard to come by.

Sure, they sell out when the Gators or Hurricanes are in town. But how are you supposed to recruit America’s top talent, when there are empty seats during conference games.

FSU SHOULD compete for a national title every year. But they don’t. And I blame the fans, for the exact reasons I just identified.

So, when quarterback Jameis Winston called out Johnny Manziel, I supported him.

For the most part, I prefer that athletes eliminate the trash talk, and do their speaking with their plays. But I really don’t see the drawback to calling out Manziel.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner is probably, with the exception of Riley Cooper, the most unlikable athlete in America.

He’s a rich kid, with no regard for the rules because he will always get bailed out. He didn’t deserve the Heisman, he will not be an effective NFL player and he has no idea.

So, considering the fact that Manziel sucks, as a person, and everyone knows it; why not make it clear that you do not want to be like him?

I understand that it’s very childish to trash talk, but the only consequence of the statement is that a few more “fans” might attend a few more games.

I actually want to see the Seminoles succeed. Not necessarily because I’m a Florida State fan, because I’m not. I just really like baiting Gators.