FWB Bulls bully Regulators


Marcus Elliott tossed in 28 points to lead the FWB Bulls in a 65-52 win over Regulators in the 17-plus Adult Basketball League at the Destin Community Center.

Elliott made three 3-pointers, nine twos and one free-throw.

At the half, the Bulls led 35-21.

Jason Sanders scored 21 points for the Bulls, and Sherman Cain hit three 3s en route to 14 points.

Mike Ingram hit three 3s on his way to 17 points from Regulators. Cody Brannen made one 3 en route to 11 points, and Mike Roberts scored nine points, including one 3-pointer.

• FWB Bulls 80, Prestige Worldwide 75

The Bulls trailed by three points at the half.

Marcus Elliott knocked down seven 3s on his way to 32 points for the Bulls. Jason Sanders hit four 3s en route to 31 points, and Nelson Sanders made three 3s on his way to 13 points.

Donald Kirkwood hit double digits with four 3s en route to 30 points for Prestige. Mike Ingram tossed in two 3s en route to 19 points, and Jesse Hart fired up the nets with six threes en route to 15 points.