DTCS: Double Take Championship Series

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The Destin Log

Matt's Take:

There is no surprise at the top of the initial BCS Standings as Alabama is the No. 1 team in the country. After that things are a little mucky.

But, here's what we have.

More than likely No. 3 Oregon is the team to beat, outside of Bama, for a shot at the National Championship. The Ducks would easily wax the No. 2 ranked Seminoles of Florida State.

At No. 4, my beloved Buckeyes are close to contention for the title, but a weak schedule is their biggest enemy. Overall, ranked too high.

While No. 5 Missouri is one of the hottest teams in the SEC, don't expect the former BIG 12 duds to stay hot. It's just not meant to be. Come on, it's Mizzou.

No. 6 Stanford shouldn't even be in the discussion after an embarrassing loss to unranked Utah. The Utes... really?

Perched at No. 7 are the Miami Hurricanes, which is about right, but don't expect them to get past FSU or Virginia Tech.

As the dominoes fall in front of them, expect No. 8 Baylor to get some big votes as they continue to light up the scoreboard. I expect them to soon reside in the top 4.

Calling Clemson. You were supposed to have a game Saturday against FSU, but you forgot to show up. Their No. 9 ranking is way too high, despite an early season win against Georgia.

When is the last time Texas Tech won a big game? Sorry, all good things come to an end, which means the Red Raiders can kiss their No. 10 ranking goodbye.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the initial BCS standings, but expect the dominoes to fall quickly.

Alabama and Oregon are on a collision course for BCS supremacy, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Andrew’s Take:

I never thought I’d say this. Not bad BCS, not bad.

Here’s your initial 2013 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Top 10, top to bottom: Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, Missouri, Stanford, Miami (FL), Baylor, Clemson and Texas Tech.

Not perfect, obviously. But I can fix that.

I have no problem with the top three. Let’s move on.

Ohio State, like every season, is ranked too high. Per usual, the current state of the Big Ten has not been given enough consideration, and the Buckeyes’ weak schedule is not weighing heavy enough. The fourth best team should have a shot at the national championship. Ohio State doesn’t have a shot.

Missouri has a very strong argument for the third spot. But I’ve got them in fourth. They’re undefeated in the SEC and their most recent victories are over Florida and Georgia.

Then I’ve got Baylor at No. 5, who is putting up 70 on everyone. Not the strongest schedule, but if you’re going to give the nod to Oregon, then you have to acknowledge the Bears. But, their upcoming schedule is MEATY.

Miami’s my No. 6. If they can upset Florida State, and beat Virginia Tech, they’re in the national championship.

Then Ohio State’s bump down brings them in at No. 7.

Texas Tech is No. 8. Undefeated, but definitely going down very soon.

Auburn earned No. 9 with a HUGE win on the road against Texas A&M. And their only loss, to LSU, doesn’t bug me.

UCLA was tough to exclude for me, but Virginia Tech gets the No. 10 spot. The Hokies’ only loss is to the No. 1 team in the country.

Who’d I remove? Stanford and Clemson. You can’t lose to Utah or lose by 37 and stay in the Top 10.

Now, BCS, just erase what you’ve done, and insert my thoughts. Simple.