SPORTS takes down Signchick Signs

Division I Champs: struck first and held on for a 20-7 win over Signchick Signs in the Adult Flag Football League Division I championship game at Morgan Sports Center.

In the first half, Corey Gerdeman scored a touchdown to get things rolling for In the second half, Mitchell Landis and Christian Beasky each scored a TD, while Landis added a one-point conversion along with Joshua Smith.

Signchick scored its only touchdown in the second half. Darrel Rogers scored the TD and James Miller added the point after.

• 49, Gateway Academy 13 dominated, taking a 20-13 lead in the first half, then burying Gateway 29-0 in the second half.

Corey Gerdeman led the effort with three touchdowns. Mitchell Landis, Doug Rogers and Joshua Smith each scored a touchdown and a one-point conversion. Christian Beasky scored a TD, Shane Dorlag was credited with a two-point and a one-point conversion, and Grant Wright picked up a one-point conversion.

Steven Vaggalis and Brad Wolford each scored a touchdown for Gateway. Bryan Anderson picked up the one-point conversion.

• Signchick Signs 20, Nightown 8

Signchick led 6-0 at the half. James Miller scored the lone touchdown.

In the second half, Johnathan Winters and Bert Reed each scored touchdowns for Signchick, while Chris Carr and Jon Middelton added one-point conversions.

Steve Temple picked up a touchdown for Nightown in the second half. Nightown also got a safety worth two points.


Sago slipped by Oar House and Seafood 26-25 to claim the championship of Division II.

At the half, Oar House led 13-12. Sago edged them out in the second half on extra-point conversions.

Scoring touchdowns for Sago were Steven Nabors, David Feliciano, Dwayne Pittman and Rashad Neely. Charles Matthews and Tyrone Maloy each picked up a one-point conversion.

Jerry Coe, Demetrius Tyler, Mark Broome and James Dorsla each scored a TD for Oar House. Christopher Congersues scored the point after.

• Sago 25, TBS Comics 21

After trailing by one point at the half, Sago rallied in the second half with two touchdowns.

Scoring TDs for Sago were Steven Nabors, Justin Hawley, Matt Coffer and Brooks Conley. Rashad Neely added the point after.

Ed Nehring, Danny Bradford and Hayden Meyer each scored touchdowns for TBS. Nehring, Richard Moller and Clark Drago all scored one-point conversions.

• Oar House and Seafood 38, Turf Tailors 32 (OT)

Oar House led 19-9 at the half. Turf tied the game by the end of regulation to force it into overtime. It took two rounds of overtime for Oar House to pull off the win.


Helen Back defeated Gulf Coast Bulldogs 13-8 to take championship of Division III.

Noel Koveleski and Richard Haywald each scored touchdowns for Helen Back, while Jake Armstrong picked up the one-point conversion.

Xavier Jones scored the touchdown, and Nathan Green the two-point conversion for the Bulldogs.

• Helen Back 32, Destiny Worship Center 13

Helen Back led 13-0 at the half.

• Gulf Coast Bulldogs 12, It's Been Real Charters 7

Bulldogs led 12-0 at the half and held on for the win.