Some Super Snow Bowl ball-gazing

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The Destin Log

Matt's Take:

Could we have asked for a better Wild Card weekend?

I mean, did anyone really expect the Saints to beat the Eagles, in Philadelphia? Or for the Colts to stage one of the biggest playoff comebacks in NFL history?

As the appetizer for the Divisional Round, Wild Card weekend was truly WILD. I can't say that I was surprised, but I did expect the Bengals to put up more of a fight against the Chargers, but with Andy Dalton at the helm, one and done playoff appearances should be the norm.

How about that Green Bay, San Francisco game? It was so cold that people were thawing out bottles of beer on the grill!

And please, for the sake of my buddy, take a moment and help Andrew mourn, as Aaron Rodger's 70s-style mustache wasn't enough to lead the Packers to victory. Here's one for my homie.

As we turn to February and the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos appear to be the favorite to lift the Lombardi Trophy. But as Lee Corso says, "not so fast my friend."

Out of the teams still alive in the AFC, they all have something in common — they knocked off the Broncos during the regular season.

Two of the Broncos three losses came on the road — Indianapolis (39-33) and New England (34-31), while they lost at home to San Diego (27-20).

New England advances to the Super Bowl.

Looking to the NFC, I don't see anyone who can stop the Seahawks, especially given home-field advantage. Sorry 49ers fans, it's not your year, again.

As much as I hate to say it, when it comes down to it, experience pays off for the Patriots as they knock off Seattle in the Super Bowl.

31-24 is my final score.

Andrew’s Take:

My head hurts.

Do you ever have one of those nights, where you can’t drink enough beer? I’m recovering from one of those.

That’s what a game-winning field goal, by the visiting team, at Lambeau Field, will do to me.

But, on the bright side, I don’t have to deal with another one of these headaches until September.

Wait, never mind, it’s basketball season. It never ends!

I’ve always said that I do a good job of separating my feelings from my predictions, and I stand by that. But now, for the rest of the NFL playoffs, I don’t have to make the distinction between my expectations and my desires.

Only a quarter (8) of the NFL franchises are left playing this season. And I can’t think of a better way to decide which of those teams will survive, than to go through each of the remaining seven games and pick each winner.

The New Orleans Saints at the Seattle Seahawks? No contest. Seahawks win.

The San Francisco 49ers at the Carolina Panthers? Should be a great game, between two great defenses. This is a game where the first round bye hurts the team that achieves this perceived “edge.” Momentum has carried the Panthers into the playoffs, and now they’ve lost it. 49ers win.

The San Diego Chargers at the Denver Broncos? Please. Broncos win. Last Philip Rivers postgame interview of the year. Watch how stupid he looks — and sounds.

The Indianapolis Colts at the New England Patriots? The Pats do not rely on momentum. They will win because of the bye.

In a 49ers/Seahawks NFC Championship, Seattle wins, at home.

In a Patriots/Broncos AFC Championship, Denver wins, at home.

Then, we have the perfect teams, besides the Green Bay Packers, for the first cold weather Super Bowl.

And the Broncos will win, handily, behind Peyton Manning’s unprecedented, fifth MVP season. He will become, officially, the best football player of all time.