Going swimmingly - Marlins sink Pirates in the pool


The Destin Marlin swim teams blasted the Pryor Pirates out of the water in their first swim meet of the season at the Fort Walton Family YMCA.

Destin earned 18 first place finishes, 15 seconds and 18 thirds in the dual meet.

The Destin girls won 162 to 68 over Pryor, while the boys posted a 158-61 victory.

"Our team is showing quite a bit of potential this year with many returning experienced seventh and eighth graders," said Destin Coach Terry Gulledge in an email.  "We also have a lot of fifth and sixth graders who are oozing with talent and should contribute much to our success this year."

And in that first meet last Wednesday, the Marlins dominated.

Placing in the top three for the girls in the various divisions were:

•200 yard medley relay: first - Caroline Porter, Kaylee Bartlett, Paige Olsen and Rebekah Bigham; third, Natalie Harris, Lauren Kelly, Theresa Lanasa and Olivia Scoper.

•200 yard freestyle: first, Kaylee Bartlett; second, Paige Olsen.

•50 yard backstroke: first, Natalie Harris; second, Olivia Scoper; third, Jennifer Zapotocky.

•100 yard freestyle: first, Natalie Forester; second, Lauren Kelly; third, Chelsea DeRamus.

•25 yard freestyle: first, Rebekah Bigham; second, Cameron Farrah; third, Alexann Hicks.

•25 yard backstroke: first, Delaney Doum; second, Rebekah Bigham; third, Alexann Hicks.

•50 yard breaststroke: first, Natalie Forester; second, Lauren Kelly; third, Ashby Deep.

•50 yard butterfly: second, Paige Olsen.

•100 yard individual medley: first, Kaylee Bartlett; second, Natalie Harris; third, Theresa Lanasa.

•50 yard freestyle: second, Caroline Porter; third, Olivia Scoper.

•200 yard freestyle relay: first, Kaylee Bartlett, Caroline Porter, Lauren Kelly and Rebekah Bigham; third, Chelsea DeRamux, Riley Holahan, Natalie Harris and Natalie Forester.

Destin Marlin boys placing in the top three were:

•200 yard medley relay: first, Dylan Olsen, Carson Miller, Connor Bartlett and Andrew Daigle; second, Noah Womack, Kaleb Blackburn, Thomas Driscoll and Harrison Smith; third, Will Tasillo, William Pankratz, Will Haught and Evan Olsen.

•200 yard freestyle: first, Connor Bartlett; second, William Pankratz; third, Hunter Morea.

•50 yard backstroke: first, Dylan Olsen; second, Evan Olsen; third, Carson Miller.

•100 yard freestyle: first, Andrew Daigle; second, Will Tasillo.

•25 yard freestyle: first, Harrison Smith.

•25 yard backstroke: first, Harrison Smith, third, Axel Strynar.

•50 yard breaststroke: first, Carson Miller; third, Jared Marquez.

•50 yard butterfly: second, Dylan Olsen; third, Thomas Driscoll.

•100 yard individual medley: second, Connor Bartlett; third, Evan Olsen.

•50 yard freestyle: first, Andrew Daigle; third, Thomas Driscoll.

•200 yard freestyle relay: first, Connor Bartlett, Thomas Driscoll, Dylan Olsen and Andrew Daigle; third, Harrison Smith, Will Haught, Carson Miller and Evan Olsen.



Fifth graders: Delaney Doum, Karina Langen, Adriana Figuroa, Paige Olsen, Brooklyn Tidwell, Ally Ledbetter, Riley Braden, Ashby Deep and Hannah Forester.

Sixth graders: Bethany Jowers, Jennifer Zapotocky, Skylar O'Bryant, Nicole Wiedemann, Theresa LaNassa, Jessie Scott, India Wartes and Alondra Munoz.

Seventh graders: Cameron Farrah, Kaylee Bartlett, Olivia Scoper, Lauren Tasillo, Emery Keen and Lauren Kelly.

Eighth graders: Riley Holahan, Rebekah Bigham, Alex Ann Hicks, Lauren Pixley, Natalie Harris, Alexann Hicks, Chelsea DeRamus, Abi Ketchersid, Natalie Forester and Caroline Porter.


Fifth graders: William Longhenry, Denym Padilla, Aidan Davis, Conner Bartlett, Elden Baskila and Brody Miller.

Sixth graders: Brady McCann, Evan Olsen, Gabriel West, Noah Womack, Jared Marquez, William Pankratz and Sawyer Henderson.

Seventh graders: Austin Laird, Clayton Jowers, Axel Stryner, Will Tasillo, Hunter Morea, Harrison Smith and Kaleb Blackburn.

Eighth graders: Carson Miller, Thomas Driscoll, Danny OShea, Trey Bosley, T.J. Mueller and Dylan Olsen.