Buck ’em Broncos or sack ’em Seahawks?

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The Destin Log

Matt’s Take:

Super Bowl XLVIII is just four days away, well at least if Mother Nature cooperates.

With everyone’s eyes glued to the weather forecast for the upcoming game at Met Life Stadium, the lingering question remains as to whether it’s going to snow on Peyton Manning’s parade, or if the football gods will shine upon the bleakness that is New Jersey.

As I sit here watching the Pro Bowl as I type this, I can’t wait until Super Bowl Sunday. Could you ask for a better matchup than the Denver Broncos led by the ageless, pizza-slinging Manning versus the up and coming Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell “not tall enough to play quarterback” Wilson.

It’s the league’s most stingy defense against the top offense. If you are not ready to watch Richard Sherman line up against DeMaryius Thomas, you must not be breathing.

As for the game, I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I’m all for the NFL trying something a little bit different and putting the game in a cold weather city.

And if it snows, the game is going to favor the Seahawks. All I have to say is Beast Mode all day long. When Marshawn Lynch gets thumping, the snow is going to part like the Red Sea.

Manning may be the best quarterback in the history of the game, but Seattle’s young guns are going to take this game over and harass Manning all night long.

The D is going to tally at least 4 sacks, and walk away with the Lombardi Trophy.  Sorry Peyton, you're still the best to play the game, but the Super Bowl belongs to the Seahawks.

As the saying goes, defense wins championships, and Seattle’s can’t be stopped.

Andrew’s Take:

If I wake up on Sunday morning and I can’t see my shadow, because of all the snow, does that mean that I have to continue to listen to the best quarterback debate?

This Sunday is not only Super Bowl Sunday, which should be called Hell Yeah America Let’s Get Fat Day, but it’s also Groundhog Day. Sorry, Punxsutawney Phil, your spotlight is going to be overshadowed by the lights of New York City — crappy weather or not.

It is quite the coincidence that the first ever, cold weather Super Bowl could be the only thing standing between Peyton Manning and him officially becoming the best of all-time.

He’s already my choice as the best. But a win at Super Bowl XLVIII would get everyone else on my page, the right page.

The Denver Broncos are not perfect, not even close, and neither are the Seattle Seahawks. I know that a lot of people predicted that each of these teams would reach this point, but they were not shoe-ins. Both squads have a lot to prove, and no one is under more pressure that Manning.

If the Broncos win, we won’t question the Seahawks; it will make sense. If the Broncos lose, we’ll need to know why, and we’ll look to No. 18.

For seventeen years, Manning’s wanted it more than anyone. But this year is different. Homeboy is on a mission. He’s sick of the questions about his game in the clutch or in the elements.

Peyton Man Thing is going to go all Michael Jordan on this one. He’s ticked, and that’s what the best of all time needs.

This Sunday, with an unprecedented 5th MVP in tow, Manning is going to win his second Super Bowl, one way or another, and all the doubters (mostly Giants/Eli Manning fans) will have to shut up.