Snowbird smackdown - Birds battling birds on the fairways for Snowbird Cup


There's no coveted "green jacket" on the line, but bragging rights and a trophy will be when the Destin and Walton County Snowbird Clubs tee off this Sunday in the first-ever Snowbird Cup at Bluewater Bay Golf Resort.

Seventy-two snowbirds, men and women of all skill levels, will take to the fairways with a shotgun start at 10 a.m.

And who has the best team?

"Destin," said Mike Krueger who didn't hesitate. "We play a very high skill level," added Krueger, who heads up the Destin club.

The group will be using Ryder Cup scoring with handicaps.

"The handicap should equalize some of it," said Bill Neidel, who leads the Walton group.

The clubs will be playing for a trophy, which is being designed by Penny and Jimmy Eddy.

And as far as Krueger is concerned the trophy will be going home with the Destin Club.

"I don't think it, I know it. We're going to take it to those rascals," he laughed and said. "It's going to take concentration, focus and a few foot wedges to beat them.”

For the non-golfer, Krueger explained that a foot wedge is when you say to the guy next to you, "Hey look at that deer," and then you kick your ball back into the fairway.

"We've been emphasizing to our group that it's a friendly competition," Krueger said. "But it's still a competition and you have to bring your A game."

And the Walton birds have already hit the links for a few practice rounds.

"Getting tuned up," Neidel said, adding that the Snowbird Cup could go either way.

"Golf is a funny game," he said, noting one day you play well and the next not so much. "But it should be a close competition.

But in order to win, "We've got to play our hearts out and make all short putts. I think it's going to be nice weather, so that's half the battle," he added.

Krueger said the Destin club had a pep rally at their regular meeting on Tuesday for their golf team.

"We want to see the hardware on Tuesday," some of the club members told Krueger.

"I just hope it fits in my trunk," Krueger told The Log. "We wish them the best and may the best team win … that would be the Destin Club”