Should the NFL ban racial slurs?

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Matt's Take:

I'm all for the NFL trying to clean up the game of football, but I'm not 100 percent sold on the idea of penalizing a team 15 yards for the use of racial slurs during a game.

Usage of a racial slur on multiple occasions can also lead to a player being ejected from the game.

While it sounds like a great idea, I'm not sure how exactly this is going to go down. You see, there seems to be a tremendous gray area.

The league is basing this rule on the use of the "N-word," but who is to say that they don't take this too far and start compiling a list of "approved and not-approved" words that players can use on the field of play. This just seems like a box that once opened is going to be far more problematic than anticipated.

Do I condone the use of racial slurs? No. But I also don't see that there is a need for this rule, in my honest opinion.

The main question I have is what constitutes a racial slur, with the obvious exceptions. What one person says to another of the same race may be offensive to someone, but not another.

To me, it's kind of hypocritical that the league would even consider making this a rule, given that it's currently embroiled in its own racially-charged battle with those that claim the "Redskins" name is offensive.

In light of the revelations made in the Richie Incognito-John Martin fiasco, it only makes sense the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to take action. The league has a big black eye right now and this is the easy way to reduce the swelling.

It's much easier to control the culture of your football team in the locker than on the field of play. There is too much wiggle room for my taste.

This seems like a giant can of worms that needs to be left alone.

The NFL shouldn't be in the game of playing word police.

Andrew’s Take:

Considering the subject matter, and my complexion, I’m going to take the 8-mile approach on this one. Just call me B-Rabbit.

This week, the NFL announced the consideration of a rule that would penalize players for use of the “N-word.” And before I explain why this is the right move by the league, I’ll take care of all of the verbal ammo coming from the other side of the stage. Remember, this is a rap battle.

One: In their attempts to eliminate racism, the NFL has done something racist. By only mentioning one specific slur, the league has unintentionally removed significance from the offensive language that is used against people who are not African American.

Two: The league office is very caucasian. What gives these administrators the right to create such a precedent, when there is no way for them to understand the oppressive feelings that are produced by such a term?

Three: Isn’t this an issue for the Players Association? If the players have a problem with what they’re hearing on the field, it’s the job of their union to work with the league to find a solution. Executive Director DeMaurice Smith is black. Shouldn’t he be leading this charge?

Now, the rebuttals.

I agree that it was stupid for the NFL to mention one, specific racial slur. But, let’s be real. That one, particular word is, basically, the only such term that is used on the gridiron. And the NFL is mostly African American, and that’s who uses the N-word. Regardless of a person’s cultural background, it is inappropriate to utter ANY racially offensive language, and the league is right to make moves against it.

We didn’t have to wait for a black president to be elected to have the Civil Rights Movement, and we don’t have to wait for a black commissioner to eliminate racist language.

Why does the league need to have their hand forced? Regardless of the race of those in the NFL offices, it is universally accepted that racist words should not be uttered. This proactive move is the right one.

And, now I drop the mic.