Seagulls dethrone Cash's Kings


Mike Ingram fired up the nets with 24 points to lead Seagulls in a 73-41 win over Cash's Kings in the 17-plus Adult Basketball League at the Destin Community Center.

Ingram hit five 3-pointers, three twos and three from the free-throw line for 24 points.

At the half, Seagulls led 38-23.

Corey Chaplin and Cody Brannen each scored 11 points for Seagulls with Chaplin knocking down two 3s.

Traveress McLemore hit two 3s on his way to 16 points for Cash's. Darren Moore scored 12 points, and Devin Anderson chipped in four points.

• Old Day 83, Free Agents 53

Old Day jumped out to a 49-21 lead in the first half.

Craig Marshall tossed in one 3-pointer on his way to 17 points for Old Day. Jerome Hatten made one 3 en route to 15 points, and Jeremy Leiva knocked down four 3s for 12 points.

Josh Riggins hit one trey en route to 16 points for Free Agents. Carlos Bell scored 11 points, and Kwunchai Phuagnong hit two 3s on his way to 10 points.

• FWB Bulls 105, Free Agents 47

Sherman Cain was high-point man for the Bulls with 12 3-pointer en route to 40 points. Jason Sanders slam dunked two buckets on his way to 20 points, and Magic Hall had four dunks and three 3s en route to 19 points.

Josh Riggins scored 23 points for Free Agents. Kwunchai Phuagnong hit two 3s on his way to 10 points, and David Madas contributed seven points.