Pike's Painting splatters Frank's Cash and Carry


Michael Haynes knocked in eight runs to lead Pike's Painting in a 28-19 win over Frank's Cash and Carry in the Men's Competitive Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Haynes slapped out three home runs and two singles for eight RBIs.

Pike's started strong with 12 runs in the first inning.

Phillip Glover connected for a homer, triple, double and a single for two RBIs for Pike's. Steve Bartlett hit three singles. Travis Holcom ripped two homers, while Justin Chaknis, Phillip Glover and Kurt Haynes each hit one home run.

Casey Schissler smacked three home runs and a double for six RBIs for Frank's. Jude Stogner homered, hit three doubles and a single for five RBIs, and Justin Dumas hit four singles.

• BlueGreen Landscape 21, X-treme 9

Landscape led 10-0 at the end of two innings.

Andrew Elliott ripped two homers and two doubles for four RBIs for Landscape. Chuck Lukenen hit two homers and a double for four RBI, and Kyle Kriech homered, doubled and singled for four RBIs. Travis Sweeney and Garreth Bennett each hit home runs.

Jamie Dibemedetto belted a home run and two singles for two RBIs for X-treme. Brandon Crumbley hit two singles for an RBI, and Jamie Steiner knocked a two-run homer. Chase McGinnis and Mitch Speed both hit home runs.

• Doc's Softball Club 27, Frank's Cash and Carry 13

At the end of three innings, Doc's was on top 11-1.

Kyle Ely batted in seven runs to lead Doc's with two homers and two singles. Chris Rohde hit two home runs and two singles for six RBIs, and Eddie Rivera connected for four singles. Others hitting home runs were Timmy Sallee, Hulk Holcom and Adam Conant.

Justin Dumas clobbered three homers for five RBIs for Frank's. Casey Schissler homered and tripled for three RBIs and Jude Stogner doubled and singled for an RBI.

• BlueGreen Landscape 22, PeeWee's Playhouse 20

Landscape trailed 11-8 at the end of three innings. Landscape put 10 runs on the board in the last three innings to pull off the win.

Jesse Hart knocked three doubles and a single for five RBIs for Landscape. Andrew Elliott popped three out of the park for four RBIs, and Travis Sweeney hit two doubles and a single for an RBI. Kyle Kennedy hit a home run.

Brandon Patzig pummeled two home runs and three singles for five RBIs for PeeWee's. Mitch Speed homered, doubled and singled for four RBIs and Jon Clark hit a home run, double and a single for three RBIs. Jamie Dibemedetto, Chase McInis  and Cory Wenrich each hit home runs.