SOS Printing stamps outs Local Yocals


Chelsea Womack connected for four hits to lead SOS Printing in a 26-8 win over Local Yocals in Coed Division 1 Softball League action at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Womack hit four singles for three RBIs.

SOS started strong scoring the 10-run limit in the bottom of the first inning. They secured the win in five innings.

Chris Ferrell slapped a home run, double and a single for three RBIs for SOS. Lauren Ferrell hit three singles for an RBI. Matt Small and Rob Albert each knocked a home run.

Natalie Crumbley hit three singles for an RBI for Local Yocals. Brandon Crumbley ripped a home run and a double for two RBIs, and Krystin Mills hit two singles for two RBIs.

• Florida Septic and Sewer 23, Clemenza's at Uptown 18

At the end of three innings, Florida Septic was up 12-10. They pulled away in the fifth with nine runs.

Davey Bazylak was tops for Florida Septic with a homer, triple and a double for eight RBIs. Todd Schrag hit three doubles for two RBIs, and Mark Bazylak connected for three singles for two RBIs.

Matt Campbell belted a home run, double and a single for four RBIs for Clemenza's. Adam Mooney homered and hit two singles for four RBIs, and Travis Reynolds had two doubles and a single for an RBI. Joe Feltner hit a home run.

• SOS Printing 25, Real Athletes 22

SOS led 15-11 at the end of three innings.

Jonathan Pfau knocked in five runs on two home runs and two doubles for SOS. Matt Small hit two home runs, a double and a single for five RBIs, and Greg LeBlanc hit four singles for an RBI. Chris Ferrell hit a home run.

Justin Chaknis was the big stick for Real Athletes with three home runs and a single for seven RBIs. Stevie Rivera homered and doubled for three RBIs, and Emily Edwards doubled and singled.

• Local Yocals 20, Century Link 15

Yocals stepped out to a 13-8 lead in the first three innings.

Brandon Crumbley led Yocals with two triples, a double and two singles for three RBIs. Ashton Hatch tripled and hit three singles for an RBI, and Brooke Lawson hit three singles for two RBI.

Billy Roof hit two doubles and two singles for five RBIs for Century Link. Robby Overly hit two singles for two RBIs and Tracy Morris singled for an RBI.